Electric motors are in pretty much everything. These days, from cars to bikes to scooters, but one of the most fun things to ride with an electric motor in it is an electric skateboard. And believe it or not, markets actually grow enough over the last two years that some of them are pretty useful now, especially in cities, you can even use some of these to replace other transportation options.

What is more, increasingly large skateboard market, so that skateboarders to choose dazzling. Today I would like to introduce some high praised skateboards here for your reference.


The Boosted Plus has an advertised 14 miles range which is really more about 10 – 12 depending on how you ride. But that is enough to cover most trips without charging. I can make it all the way to work and back home without charging in between.

Boosted’s boards are also super durable, the Plus like its predecessors is really flexible, you can basically jump on it and never worry about it breaking, and you can even ride the board through water.

Boosted Plus

It’s also fast with a top speed of about 20 mph, which is frankly as fast as I ever want to go on an electric skateboard, but more importantly, it has really good breaking.

I also find the Plus has really big wheels which grip the road really well, it has 4 different ride modes, you can start off slow and maybe most importantly booster just makes the best remote. It uses a spring loaded wheel to accelerate and brake, and there is just the right mix of tension and play in that wheel so that the movements are not too sudden so you go fly off the board.

The Plus size makes it easy and fun to ride, but it is also one of the board’s biggest drawbacks at 16 pounds, this is just not easy to carry around when you are out riding it. Another place where the Boosted Plus loses point is its price cost $1499.


The Boosted Mini is a smaller counterpart to the Plus, it is stiffer board so the ride comfort is not quite the same and it weighs about the same at about 15 pounds. But I am fine with those trade-offs for the price, the base-level Mini S at $825 and 7 miles, and Mini X goes up to 14 miles for $1099. They are the smallest and cheapest boards Boosted has ever made.

Boosted Mini X

One of the drawbacks about the Mini is the ride comfort, everything feels like it rattles stiffer deck and the shorter wheelbase, this just ultimately means you have to be a lot more careful on the Mini with bumps and cracks in the road, while it might be able to match the Plus on range when you have the extended range option.

Boosted Mini S

So if you want the quality of the Boosted longboard experience, but in something that is cheaper and definitely easier to carry around, the Mini is basically better than any other electric short boards out there.


Or put it another way, Boosted is not the only company around making electric skateboards, there is another called Inboard.

The next skateboard I recommend is called Inboard M1, it at $1000, cheaper than Boosted Plus, but it only has a 7-mile range, what is cool about the M1, though is that easily swap oval batteries.

Inboard M1

The Inboard M1 is pretty smooth and some people prefer the stiffer deck especially at higher speeds, it also has motor integrated into the wheels, which means you probably won’t have to worry about maintenance on thing like belts as much, and it means the M1 actually coasts pretty smoothly too.

Inboard does a lot of good things right – they have a really good App that shows you stats and helps you update the board’s firmware – I forgot to mention, Boosted also has app.

There is also tail lights and headlights on the board, which is good because it just helps you stay noticed on the street overall, it is really impressive first try from what is still relatively new company.


The next electric skateboard I want to introduce you to is Yecoo GTS. Yecoo is the last two years just developed for electric skateboard company, you may not have heard of it. But the GTS I’m recommending today is really worth it. It’s one of the best in skateboarding. It is really the next best option out there, let alone its price at only $619.

Yecoo GTS

GTS uses a seal bottom case design,the controller box and the battery box are packed together, what’s more, two cool light tubes equipped on the battery box will change their direction and speed as the skateboard rides. 2000 watts motor provides strong power and high speed. And motor external, do not directly contact the ground, no wear of course. Comes with high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, supporting strong power.

GTS can get a range for 16miles with Samsung(9.0Ah) battery. It’s also fast with a top speed of about 25 mph, which is that I ever want to go on an electric skateboard, but more importantly, it has really good breaking.

This remote control can be used to drive in both directions, and it is very sensitive to start. You should be careful when braking, because it brakes suddenly. By the way, the skateboard starts automatically after a few seconds when you roll it’s power wheels without turning the board on. If you forget to turn it off, don’t worry, it will turn off automatically.


A good electric skateboard should have more than just a few miles of range, it should also be fast not just because that is fun but because you need the speed to be able to get around obstacles and avoid danger it should also be able to stop really well too, it should be nice if it was cheap but most of the best ones are still pretty expensive so you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money unfortunately is not that easy, but if you choose carefully.

I know there are a lot of other electric skateboards out there, so let us know in the comments which one you like the best.