Yecoo GTS Long Board Review – Best Off-road & Street Electric Skateboard

Hi, guys, let’s move on to skateboarding, this time we’ll take a look at YECOO GTS. It comes with a price tag of $699,  of course, this is just the pricing. They are doing activities recently, and they have a 10% discount coupon to get. Which is pretty mid-and high-end in terms of performance. It’s worth noting, GTS is also a belt-driven electric skateboard, shaft, and mute motor. The size is about 38 in (L), 12.2 in (W), 7.08 in (H), and the weight are about 19 pounds. Now, let’s analyze its performance and design.

1. Deck Design

yecoo gts deck design
deck design

Get a skateboard first to see the board, is said to be the well-selected Canadian Maple, 8 layers of Canadian Maple with great toughness can bear a weight of 330lbs. Layout with grip tape is very rough, with no handle design, so be careful not to hurt your hand, but this pattern is really nice, I appreciate the skateboard grip tape pattern. A scorpion that was yellow with white is in the center, the lines of the whole board is an abstract scorpion, it is not hard to see.


There are two led tubes on both sides of the back of the deck, which can glitter during driving.

It has the same concave design as the GT, progressive, which is stable to ride and easy to turn.

2. Wheel

yecooboard wheel

The real thing about this skateboard is its wheels – two sets of wheels – the main recommendation of YECOO, with a dual purpose. YECOO gives a set of replacement wheels, it is 6in the tire for all-terrain. The seller sent me a set of replacement wheels,6-inch off-road wheel is made of non-inflatable silicone tires, so you do not need to worry about puncture and repair, and soft silica gel material feels comfortable for cycling. I tried it out and it was- riding comfortably. With dual-purpose, Yecoo GT2 is called urban off-road. The 83mm PU wheel is used on street, while the 6-inch off-road wheel is used on unsurfaced roads, the lawn, hilly road, and mountain road. We can switch the wheels quickly within two minutes.

3. Motor

truck, motor

GTS uses a sealed bottom case design,the controller box and the battery box are packed together, what’s more, two cool light tubes equipped on the battery box will change their direction and speed as the skateboard rides.   Dual 1000 watts motor provides strong power and high speed. And motor external, do not directly contact the ground, no wear of course. Comes with high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, supporting strong power.

4. Truck

YECOO has upgraded their third-generation truck, made of al-alloy material, therefore the truck is convenient to disassemble and reassemble. Belt tightness is easy to adjust, and the belt noise effect is good, but it is easy to wear out over time. 

5. Remote

This remote control can be used to drive in both directions, and it is very sensitive to start. You should be careful when braking because it brakes suddenly. By the way, the skateboard starts automatically after a few seconds when you roll its power wheels without turning the board on. If you forget to turn it off, don’t worry, it will turn off automatically.

So, let’s look at some of the other specs.

  • Top speed: Low mode: Up to 12 mph(20km/h); Middle mode: Up to 18 mph(30km/h); High mode: Up to 25 mph(40km/h)
  • Max range: Up to 21 Miles of 83 PU wheel; Up to 18 Miles of 6’tire mode
  • Hill-climbing: Up to 20 ~ 35% Grade
  • Voltage: 10S3P 36V
  • Capacity: Samsung(9.0Ah); Samsung(10.5Ah)



  • Seal bottom case design without wear
  • Double lighting enhances the aesthetic
  • The seller sends a set of replacement wheels
  • Bi-directional sliding 
  • Flexible start


  • Belt wear
  • No handle design, inconvenient to hold


After you learn about these GTS specs, presumably you have a more comprehensive understanding and judgment of Yecoo GTS.

In a word, YECOO is a company that grows every year. As they grow, the quality of their electric skateboards improves. Certainly, YECOO GTS is a really nice electric skateboard, with excellent performance, pretty design, worthwhile price, 2-in-1 mode with street and all-terrain. Functional, suitable for all stages of skateboarding enthusiasts. Very cost-effective.

Anyhow, highly recommended

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