Best Electric Skateboards for Commuters and Schoolers in 2023

COVID-19 risk, close contact, infection anxiety are all closely related to the population. Such as using public transportation when commuting, or students in school.

Crowd density is an important factor in public places. Therefore, the relative risk intensity increases with the increase of commuting distance and density.

Due to COVID-19, people are advised to avoid entering crowds and reduce the use of public transport.

Electric skateboards are a great tool to take you anywhere without constantly moving your legs (compared to regular skateboards). Best of all, you don’t have to ride public transport with a bunch of strangers.

How to choose an electric skateboard for commuters?

Electric skateboards are more popular than ever, with young people especially seem to love them. The boards can be used for commuting in the bustle of school or on busy roads. Imagine you are coasting on the sidewalk, down the street while making your way through obstacles quickly and adjusting your board settings as you go! You’ll avoid traffic by using this electric-powered vehicle which also reduces carbon emissions – how great does this sound?

A new trend in the world of electric skateboards has been gaining momentum, and it’s no surprise why. Not only do these boards offer a low-powered but also lightweight option with plenty stability for all types all-terrain; they’re perfect if you want something that can go wherever your day takes you without breaking down on top! The YECOO MT E-Skateboard is one such product we’ve seen popping up more often than not lately – what do ya think about its performance?

With a deck length of 33.5 inches and width 10 cm, the YECOO MT E-Skateboard is made up 8 layers in maple wood which makes it light enough for everyday use; carrying around your backpack means that you can take this board anywhere! The MT skateboards are cool because they’re portable and you can take them anywhere. They’re perfect for college students on the go who need a little transportation or fun in their life!

The YECOO MT electric skateboard is the perfect way to get around town. Its skateboard is 36V and powered by a two 540W dual hub motor, offering speeds up to 25mph with the ability for an extra burst when needed! With speeds up 25 mph ranging of 15 miles, and a 30% uphill rate on one charge, it’s never been easier than now! And if you need more power? No problem – just boost this baby past 23mph for an incredible ride that won’t quit until it’s done giving all those hills back loyally served by your favorite map app…

One note though, when you’re on the road, speed needs to be controlled. Safety first after all!

It now sells for $439, a very good price on the market. There is no doubt that it is a reasonable and friendly price for anyone’s budget. In addition, YECOO MT’s components are of high quality and never disappoint. The wheels and truck are also sturdy, making the skateboard easy to operate. In short, anyone can ride easily.

The YECOO MT E-Skateboard is an excellent choice for any beginner or experienced skater looking to upgrade their board. At $439, It is at such a reasonable price, and there’s no doubt that it will be loved by many people with its friendly earnings power in addition! The components used on this product were carefully chosen so as not disappoint; they’re sturdy too which makes operating easy – to purchase wheels/trucks from them again if needed – and who doesn’t want more than 1 set of these things?

5 electric skateboards suitable for commuting 

Here is a brief list of 5 electric skateboards from different brands suitable for commuting. They are compared in terms of the design, features, specifications, prices, and more.

Backfire Zealot

Backfire already has a respected reputation for quality and excellence within the e-Skate community. Zealot was highly recommended by critics, who praised the Board for its impressive top speed (28.5 MPH) and impressive range (17.5-22 MPH). Dual motors aren’t as powerful as some of the other boards in our list, but they seem to do just fine for most commuters or young schoolers. It’s reasonably priced at $899, making it one of the better options this its price for such level of quality.

The 96mm diameter solid wheels on the Backfire Zealot should suffice for most terrain, especially for the average rider. Comfort is important for daily long rides, and the Backfire Zealot’s large wheels certainly help.

The Zealot’s 311 Wh battery takes approximately 6 hours to fully charge, so make sure your device is fully charged before leaving for work each morning. On the bright side, the board’s long reach means that most riders should be able to commute to and from work on a single charge. The weight of Backfire Zealot isn’t specified on the product page, but it’s most likely within the board’s usual range.


  • Smooth acceleration
  • High speed
  • Deck is made of bamboo and fiberglass


  • Disclosed battery specs are confusing
  • Pricy
  • Sudden Braking

Exway X1 Pro  

The Exway X1 Pro is arguably one of the best electric skateboards for commuting. Why is that? Because of its fashionable design and lightweight. You can easily carry this on the subway, bus, or train. This is the longboard form factor, which means a steady and enjoyable ride.

The board has a very discreet and stylish design. All components are built into the deck, which means it resembles a regular longboard at first glance.

According to several users, the deck was exceedingly stiff and not at all flexible. Vibrations are not subdued at higher speeds or on difficult roads, which affects the riding experience. Your feet and knees will need to adjust to the vibrations. However, Exway is aware of this and is attempting to compensate by using large wheels and 3mm cushioned grip straps on deck. Exway App is also notable for its ability to change Settings, upgrade ongoing firmware, and output live data.


  • Lightweight design
  • 3mm cushioning grip strap
  • Portable


  • Stiff deck
  • Ride vibration

Meepo Mini 2 

The Meepo Mini 2 is another standout commuter board. Despite the typical 30-inch skate deck design (which includes a kicktail), the improved version can reach speeds of 28 MPH. This is especially useful if you are used to riding an electric skateboard and are running late for class. It shares many of the same components as the larger Meepo NLS Pro.

With a sleek design, the Mini 2 is very flexible and easy to navigate through tight turns and crowded lanes. Like the Meepo V3, the Mini 2 can be fitted with a regular battery (9-11 miles) or an ER battery (cruising up to 20 miles). The Mini 2 is also very portable, weighing just 7-8 kg, depending on the battery options you choose. 

The upgraded M4 remote is comfortable and ergonomic, accurately controlling your speed and braking as you fly across campus. Starting at $389, Meepo offers a faster shipping option for those who need a Mini 2. The current battery will cost an additional $200.


  • light
  • flexible
  • Portable


  • The ER battery will cost an extra $200


SKATEBOLT Tornado II electric skateboard has sturdy batteries. The upgraded 7500mah battery lasts about 22 miles in mid-range mode and is powerful enough to support the dual hub motors. With this, I’m able to go up a 25% incline hill at 26 miles per hour.

The one thing I like more about this board is its body. It has eight layers of maple that can hold 280 pounds and wide enough wheels to give me a stable ride, which makes it perfect for rough terrains like hills or pavements!

The SKATEBOLT Tornado II electric skateboard has a list price of $459. It has two warning lights on the back to make you more visible to cars behind you, especially at night. I find this feature useful because it keeps me safe when I walk on busy roads or sidewalks at night.

I love this brand of skateboard remote control. It’s not like a traditional device, which only has speed and button controls; the LCD screen display that shows accurate data on speed and battery life, I can then be aware of my statistics while on board – perfect for making adjustments in case something goes wrong!


  • Incredible value
  • Solid speed, acceleration and range
  • Great stability and built quality


  • Not the lightest option for commuters or schoolers
  • Forward/backward switch on the remote isn’t very smooth


Finally, back to the YECOO MT electric skateboard, its deck has a stylish design and is one of the best electric skateboards aesthetically available in the commuter electric skateboard industry.

It’s light and affordable, weighing just 17.6 pounds (8 kilograms). It’s very portable and goes perfectly with any good skateboard backpack. I never had trouble carrying it around because of its thin body, which makes it look smooth. In addition, the deck is made of 8 layers of maple for a smooth ride.

The board’s battery is powerful enough to take me 15 miles at a top speed of 25 MPH. And it’s safe from the component to the environment. That makes it a winner both as a commuter board and as a school board.

The YECOO MT electric skateboard has an aesthetically pleasing design and is one of the best commuter-grade boards available. The deck consists 8 layers maple wood for a smooth ride, which you can take anywhere with ease thanks its thin body that makes it look sleek when carried by hand or mounted on your back as shown in some photos I found online!

I also love how affordable this product really was at only $ 439 USD – not bad considering all these features combined into such good quality without breaking down often like cheaper brands do over time due to low builds integrity.

The board’s battery and motor are both powerful. The brand has a power rating of 540W dual, which is higher than most skateboards around – and this product uses brushless technology to make it more reliable as well!


  • Exquisite design
  • Adequate motor
  • Plenty of range


  • Slightly heavier in the mini version


To sum up, in the circumstances of COVID-19, YECOO MT has a variety of lightweight, convenient and affordable qualities that make it perfect even for teenagers to commute through places. It’s also stable enough to be used as an electric skateboard or playing board in school – especially if you are looking at getting one from this company!

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