10 Best Electric Skateboards Review in 2022


In this update, we’ll recommend the best electric skateboards based on their price points – because, you know, most of us shop with a budget. We like to think that we’ve considered all of the available products (or at least most of them) and that all of the best choices have already made it to this recommended list.

What is right for you is often a matter of personal preference, so the numbers on this list don’t necessarily indicate the board’s own ranking or suggest that one board is better than another.

That’s enough introduction. Let’s get started.

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Backfire Zealot Electric Longboard


The Backfire Zealot recently slashed its price by $200 and now sells for $699 (probably a response to Exway Flex Riot, which also sells for $699). With the new price, the Backfire Zealot is now the best, if not the best board to get this mid-price breakdown.
With the Zealot, you have a flexible deck made of bamboo and fiberglass, stable and smooth control for the caliber II truck, and large 96mm wheels (you can easily swap it out for the larger 105mm cloud wheels if you want to).
While the advantages I mentioned are equal to the other boards in this list, the advantages that give the Backfire Zealot are a larger battery and better range. Of course, this will translate to a slightly larger scale.
For those who want something more, there's the Backfire Zealot S, a $799 upgraded version of the Backfire Zealot that has an upgraded deck, forged truck, bigger battery, more powerful motor, and smart power features.


  • Top Speed 28.5 mph / 46 km/h
  • Range 17.5 miles / 28 km
  • Motors 2 x 750 Watts
  • Battery Size 311 Wh
  • Hills 30%
  • PROS

  • The 96mm street wheels are nice
  • The top speed is amazing
  • ESC is smooth

  • CONS

  • Is not waterproof
  • The profile of the battery is a bit large
  • The board is not very flexible

  • Yecoo GT3 All-Terrain Electric skateboard


    The whole body of Yecoo GT3 exuding a "stand-alone" high-end feel, custom wheels, custom deck, custom battery, custom motor, custom ESC; And the bridge deck has been changed into a built-in nut, easy to remove the battery box and controller box...There is no doubt that it optimizes the user experience.
    The GT3's battery capacity has been increased from 10S3p to 10S4p, which means it has longer battery life and longer battery life. The choice of Samsung 8.8AH and Sanyo 14AH, top speed is 25mph, which surprised me and was faster than I expected.
    In addition, belt-driven motors are usually more powerful than hub-driven motors, which is a key point for the skateboard to support on all kinds of roads, especially steep, muddy or uneven roads. The GT3's powerful twin 1000W engines and unique all-terrain wheels combine to conquer these terrains. The GT3 also takes a new step in waterproofing by completely sealing the controller box and battery box with a sponge sandwich.


  • Up to 25 mph(40km/h)
  • Samsung(8.8Ah): Up to 18 Miles(Street), Up to 15 Miles(All-Terrain) Sanyo(14Ah): Up to 22 Miles(Street), Up to 19 Miles(All-Terrain)
  • Motors 2 x 1000 Watts
  • Battery 10S4P 36V
  • Hills 35%
  • PROS

  • Waterproof - controller box and battery box are fully sealed
  • Bamboo+ fiberglass deck - Flexible and comfortable ride
  • Brushless dual belt drive motor
  • It is very convenient to switch between commuting mode and off-road mode

  • CONS

  • Not the fastest available
  • The board is heavy

  • Raldey MT-V3S electric skateboard


    As for other best electric skateboard,we have to mention the Raldey MT. Raldey's deck is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple wood. Overall, it is actually hard, however, the slight pulldown style allows the planks to bounce a little, which makes it more comfortable than a completely hard and flat deck. The grip belt at the top is pretty rough, although it starts to wear off after 4-5 long rides. They are not really hexagonal fragments but are printed directly on the tape. There is something wrong with the symmetry of the hexagon.
    Raldey used a number of lock nuts to secure the shell to the deck and extend the top from above the gripping strip. You can't actually see these things on the images on their website, and perhaps Raldey plans to put gripping belts on top of these nuts in the future. Either way, they stick out a few millimeters, but you really don't feel them when you're riding.
    Raldey's website states a maximum distance of 12 miles (19 km), and I think that in some cases the pressure on the skis will not be as great for climbing that many hills, and that when you ride at a lower cruising speed you will get closer to that distance.


  • Top Speed 29 Mph/ 45Km/h
  • Range Up to 12 Miles
  • Motors 900W*2 hub-drives
  • Battery 10S4P 7AH(294WH)g
  • Hills 20%
  • PROS

  • Stiff but comfortable deck
  • 110mm, airless, rubber, urban terrain wheels
  • 2x 900W hub motors

  • CONS

  • The location of the charging port is trickym
  • Poor climbing ability
  • Not only does the board lose power, but you start getting some voltage sag

  • Verreal RS electric skateboard


    Verreal released the electric longboard Verreal RS in August 2019. Pre-sale prices start at $749 (regular prices are $800 and up). The structural qualities of RS are uneven. The motor looks superb, sounds flat, and even rotates. The truck is very beautiful, durable, and marked with the "RS" dividing line. The deck has a "W" shaped concave, clear gripper glass, and floral pattern.
    Verreal is also looking to develop off-road tires for the RS. To this end, they stressed that all of their DKP trucks will be built with new molds and will no doubt be highly resistant to AT use. The HobbyWing ESC used by the Verreal RS is very smooth, although some might think the brakes might be firmer. It uses a large 6368 motor (double 6368 belt motor 1500 W * 2 170kV).
    Wheel options on the RS are essentially unlimited, thanks to deep openings on the deck and a powerful motor that drives the belt rollers. Since the release of RS, Verreal has provided a wide range of change options, eliminating some issues caused by production and supply issues, and adding new options as they become available.


  • Top Speed 27mph / 43 kmh
  • Range Standard: 15 miles / 24km; Extended: 21 miles / 33km
  • Motors 2x 1500W Belt-drives
  • Battery 10.0Ah, 10S4P, 12.0Ah, 12.8Ah, 30Q, Panasonic, Samsung
  • Hills 30%
  • PROS

  • Powerful, dual 1500 watt motors
  • 30% uphill inclines
  • Acceleration and braking are predictable

  • CONS

  • The grip frit does not have the fortitude to provide traction over the long term
  • Shipping times will be a little long
  • The board is cumbersome and awkward to carry

  • Maxfind Max2 Pro mini electric skateboard


    It looks like the Maxfind Max2 Pro is designed for college students. The range and speed are good for students looking for a quick bypass of the campus. Most people in this age group have a limited budget, but they don't want cheap, flimsy boards either. Maxfind Max2 Pro excellent quality and reasonable price. For this reason, other people will like this committee, not just college students. Maxfind recommends that riders be at least 13 years old when under the supervision of minors.
    This is a great electric skateboard. It offers two motor types (single and dual-speed) and speeds between 20-24 MPH and 15 MPH. Maxfind put a lot of work into different architectural details, such as deck materials, large wheels, and safety features.
    The Maxfind Max2 Pro replaces the traditional belt drive system with the M4 hub motor (the dual hub motor in the dual version), which is more compact, safer, smoother, and quieter. The single version has a top speed of 20 MPH, while the dual version has a top speed of 24 MPH. Dual hub motors also provide more torque, so if you use a dual hub motor, you can expect a climb rate of 25%.


  • Top Speed 25mph/40kmh
  • Range 15miles/25km ( test: 12.5miles/20km)
  • Motors 600w hub-drives
  • Battery 4.4AH pack in 10s2p configuration
  • Hills 25%
  • PROS

  • Plank climbing ability increased from 20% to 25%
  • The ESC algorithm is improved
  • Reasonable cost performance

  • CONS

  • The motor performance of the MaxFind is poor
  • Bad battery quality
  • Minus waterproofing

  • Lycaon TRX 2.0 off-road electric skateboard


    The deck of Lycaon TRX 2.0 is one of the best parts of the board. It's 40 inches long and 10 inches wide, which really makes me feel more like a snowboard than a skateboard. The deck is sturdy carbon fiber and has a maximum carrying capacity of 440 pounds. This is the highest level I have seen so far. It's belt-driven and uses a hobby type of electric tuning, so I can expect I'll need smooth acceleration as the power increases. There are a number of boards out there that claim similar statistics to Lycaon TRX 2.0, but they all fall short in one way or another. Wowgo AT2 wasn't running fast enough, MetroboardX was making too much money, OwnBoard Carbon/Bamboo wasn't visually appealing, Evolve got lost due to remote control and other security issues. The Verreal RS was my second choice. The only reason I didn't choose this board was because of how much it would cost to get a top-spec battery. I also want a carbon fiber deck.
    The top speed was 31 miles per hour, and I had never touched that speed. I can only ride 10 miles on the W1AS deck, whereas the TRX 2.0 gives me a 30-mile range. Carbon fiber decks and CloudWheels are simply amazing and game-changing. To my surprise, the two-pin truck on the board was very tight right out of the box.


  • Top Speed 31mph/50kmh
  • Range 30-35miles/48-55km
  • Motors 950w*2 belt-drives
  • Battery 12S4P 44.4V 14Ah 621.6Wh
  • Hills 30%
  • PROS

  • Ride comfort and stability are top notch when using CloudWheels and two-pin trucks
  • It's very fast
  • Hard decks made of carbon fiber

  • CONS

  • The charging time is four to five hours
  • The top speed is limited to twenty-eight miles per hour

  • Possway T2 Electric Skateboard ( 2022 version )


    The deck of Possway T2 is made of 5 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass. It feels super strong and two layers of fiberglass help to reduce the weight slightly. The ground clearance is about 4.45 inches (11.3 cm) from the deck itself, but only 2.09 inches (5.3 cm) from the battery housing, which may be noteworthy for heavier riders over potholes or riding along the curb as the battery house can scratch the ground.
    Possway T2 is equipped with two 480W hub motors that produce a specified top speed of 26 MPH (42 km/h). The speed can be gradually unlocked with four different speed modes on the remote and set to handle a tilt of up to 30 degrees at peak power.
    Depending on where you live, the ability to climb mountains may be very important to you. Possway advertises that the board is capable of handling 30 percent of gradients. There is often a lot of misunderstanding between percentages and degrees. 30% doesn't mean 30 degrees. It takes some math, but in reality, it converts to a 16.7-degree pitch - Possway T2 and any of the other boards mentioned can definitely handle that.
    Possway T2 comes with a 36V 7.8Ah battery with an effective battery capacity of 280 Wh. That's more than the Backfire G2 and Max 2 Pro, and 10 percent smaller than the Skatebolt Tornado 2 battery.
    When battery capacity is compared to the price, the Possway T2 actually wins again -- a notch above the Tornado 2, while the Max 2 Pro offers the lowest value.
    During the endurance test, I rode my bike as usual while cruising outside. That's a more modest average speed, and I think it's the most useful real-world range test that others have compared. The range is 15.8 miles on a full charge.


  • Top Speed 26mph / 43kmph
  • Range 18-21 miles / 30-35km
  • Motors 500W*2(High power and high torque)
  • Battery 280.8wh 7.8Ah,36V,10S3P 18650
  • Hills 30%
  • PROS

  • It is a very cost-effective electric skateboard
  • The velocity is linearly stable and the acceleration is smooth
  • It provides solid grip

  • CONS

  • The braking itself is pretty linear, it does feel jumpy right when you engage it
  • Not as flexible as a bamboo deck

  • Ecomobl ET all-terrain electric skateboard


    "Who is this Ecomobl?" you might ask. To be honest, we had to do some research on the brand before doing this review. the Ecomobl M24 looks like a Bajaboard with the advantage of being $1000 cheaper and easier to get outside of Australia.
    It's the cheapest thing you can find to climb a mountain - and I'm not talking about grass, branches, and rocks; I'm talking about sand, dirt, rocks, and huge cracks in steep slopes. So, if this skateboard works, it could become the gateway drug between street skating and mountain skating. The Ecomobl ET uses a 39-inch deck and an active drop. There are some concave surfaces here so you know where your feet are. The aggressive drop deck not only makes the ride lower and steadier, but you can also put your feet on a step during steep slopes or descents.
    The big wheels were able to withstand any cracks I encountered, and as long as the wheels got traction, the 2000W planet-gear drive motor was sufficient to handle any tilt. The sharp descent on the deck was a step in the sleep tilt or descent and thus enabled me to hold myself on both the uphill and downhill slopes.


  • Top Speed 35mph/56km
  • Range 20-25miles/32-40km
  • Motors 2 x 2000W planetary gear drive
  • Battery 648Wh 12s3p Samsung 50E (or Samsung 40T)
  • Hills 25%-35%
  • PROS

  • It's IP 56 waterproof
  • Come with integrated lighting systems
  • It can conquer any terrain

  • CONS

  • Aluminium enclosure
  • No flex on the deck

  • Skatebolt Breeze II Electric Longboard


    Breeze II is designed for superior comfort, flexibility, and strength with the deck made from two layers of fiberglass and bamboo 100mm PU wheels or rubber AT wheels! The shape of the deck provides additional stability, especially at high speeds!
    With fast and remote replaceable motors, rugged construction, cruise control, and custom brakes, the Breeze II gives you an extraordinary sculpting experience and improved stability at high speeds!
    The Breeze II uses twin 450W hub motors that are powerful enough to easily charge 30% of the steep hill grade. With two powerful motors, the board has 4-speed modes and 15 miles range in medium speed mode on a full charge! Aluminum allows battery protection housing to contribute to IP67 waterproof rating and ensures heat dissipation. When braking downhill, regenerative braking allows you to recharge your skateboard while riding!
    The new custom brake system has 4 brake Settings! During the ride, you can adjust the settings, from soft to hard, directly on the remote. It also comes with 2 built-in taillights that flash when you brake, making it safer to drive at night!
    To close off the list of awesome features, the Breeze II comes with cruise control and a sliding start. When cruising, press the LED button on the remote control and you can easily cruise at the same speed! This feature can make long trips easier! The electric longboard can slide open.


  • Top Speed 30 mph/48kmph
  • Range: 11 miles/18km
  • Motors 450W x 2 (900W in All, motor sleeves are replaceable)
  • Battery 6000mAh Samsung 30Q Lithium
  • PROS

  • The acceleration is very good
  • It's a super fast board
  • You can control it very well

  • CONS

  • Generally pretty stiff
  • Range only 11miles

  • Hiboy S22 electric skateboard


    Speaking of the Hiboy S22, its 7-story maple deck gives this board a real feel and strength, allowing it to support up to 220 pounds (100 kilograms); All weigh just 16.5 pounds (7.4 kilograms), just over 13 times its weight. Dual 350W brushless motors work together to produce speeds of up to 24MP /h, which is excellent performance for the price. However, the electric longboard's range is a bit short, averaging just 12.5 miles, which is more than enough for most amateur skaters and commuters. This speed and range, coupled with its fast 2-hour charge time, makes it an ideal ride for downtown/city commuters and those traveling distances under 12 miles.
    It is surprised by the overall excellent build quality, especially considering the offer price. This type of board requires minimal maintenance and is rugged with a maximum bearing weight of 100 kg. The seven-story maple deck is strong enough to support more than 13 times its weight. To enter the market, these models must first pass a number of safety tests.


  • Top Speed 24 mph / 38 kmh
  • Range 12.5 miles / 20 km
  • Motors Dual 350W
  • Battery Size 36V 4.4 Ah
  • Hills 20%

  • PROS

  • 4 riding/braking modes
  • Rapid 2 hour charge time
  • Super lightweight - Weighs just 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)

  • CONS

  • Undisclosed IP rating
  • Very sparse on features
  • Minimal off-road functionality

  • FAQS

    Is it legal to ride an electric skateboard?

    In some countries and states, electric skateboards are so new that they tend to be a gray area. Several countries, such as Germany and Greece, have explicitly banned them. Other places, such as France, have legalized it, enforcing cycling laws and a speed limit of 25km/h. It’s best to research your country and city before buying an electric scooter to avoid fines. For example, I legalized electric skateboarding in 2018 in Terminal X, Michigan, as long as we drove down the street at 25mph, used the bike lanes, and followed the proper traffic laws. I’m incredibly proud of that!

    How far can an electric skateboard go?

    Well, yes, the first question I had when I boarded the plane. The range depends not only on the battery pack (or the range the company claims) but also on it. Weight, aggressive riding, slope, weather, and wheels are all factors that affect the range of calculations. The basic board gives the average rider a range of 7 to 9 miles. Some of the boards in this article can enable riders to do a decent 50-mile expedition!

    Hub or belt motor – which is better?

    This question is also popular with beginners. The belt motor is known for providing more torque (aka when accelerating, you accelerate faster when offline) and can make it easier for the cyclist to get up the hill. The belt motor can also be replaced with the belt pulley for different types of wheels. But belts do require more maintenance. Belts can break over time (even if tensioned for long periods of time), and pulleys can bring rocks and dirt inside and need quick scrubbing. It takes some practice to make sure the belt is tensioned correctly. The belt motor is also larger than the hub, which can be a problem if you’re riding in an area where electric skateboards are banned.

    Hub motors are electromagnets built into the rear wheel of the board. No belts or pulleys. Very little maintenance or cleaning is required. Just accelerate on the remote control and the wheels spin. However, the torque on the hub motor is quite weak compared to the belt motor, and the cyclist will find himself going slower on the hill than his belt-motor peers. In addition, because the hub motor is sealed in the wheel, it is not possible to replace the wheel on the hub motor plate. As a result, the hub motor is less comfortable when driving, especially on rough roads. That is, some hub motor plates may run faster than belt motor plates! If the hub motor dies or stops working, most riders will buy a backup from the company, which can be expensive.

    Can you take an electric skateboard on the plane?

    The answer varies by airline. Some airlines prohibit the use of batteries larger than 99Wh or 160Wh, which limits the type of boards that can be carried. Some riders are lucky enough never to be asked. Others were stopped safely and had to leave. It’s a good idea to check with your airline and airport security in your country (e.g., TSA) before flying. You’ll almost certainly need to remove the battery and take it with you and check the rest of the scooter with your carry-on luggage. A travel bag that fits a longboard is a good idea.

    What is the weight of the best electric skateboard?

    It depends! Small electric skateboards weigh only a few pounds and can easily be carried in one arm. Other monster boards, such as LaCroix, need to move like unicycles due to their enormous weight.

    What is the fastest electric skateboard?

    This goes back and forth a lot. The fastest boards are usually designed specifically for racing, such as the Stooge board. But they don’t mean commuting. The fastest consumer scooters can reach speeds of more than 40mph, but it is not recommended to reach these speeds without years of experience, quiet streets, and full-body protection. Remember, no seat belts! If you fall, you will crash at 40mph without an airbag. Come on!

    Is the electric skateboard waterproof?

    In short, no. Most electric skateboards have strong water resistance. The housing and motor can be sealed, but nothing is perfect. Often, water damage is not covered by the warranty, and electronics and water usually don’t work well together. Waterproof, by definition, means that the board can be used underwater, but no one has yet done so.

    Is the electric skateboard safe?

    With reasonable precautions, some practice, and proper protection, electric skateboards are very safe! Controlling your ride with the brakes when going downhill is a remarkable achievement, and learning to ride safely will protect you in most cases. Of course, a good helmet and footpad are essential, and riders are advised to learn how to apply the brakes. A good rule of thumb is to make sure the bike stops safely when it stops working. Be safe!


    A good electric skateboard should have more than just a few miles of range, it should also be fast not just because that is fun but because you need the speed to be able to get around obstacles and avoid danger it should also be able to stop really well too, it should be nice if it was cheap but most of the best ones are still pretty expensive so you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money, unfortunately, is not that easy, but if you choose carefully. The best electric skateboard is yours.

    I know there are a lot of other electric skateboards out there, so let us know in the comments which one you like the best.

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