Electric Skateboard Review: Ownboard W2 – The Best Mid-Tire Belt Drive

The Ownboard driving systems are reliable and powerful. They have been well-proven in the course of time and were tested by many professional eSkaters. Ownboard is a one-stop shopping site by combining e-commerce with traditional import and export business. https://www.ownboard.net

So, let’s take a closer look at the Ownboard W2.


The entire drive system actually seems incredibly robust and well-built. I am told that the wheel pulleys themselves are a solid, CNC aluminium construction.

The spring loaded belt tensioning system works well. If necessary, press the motor close to the belt, remove/ replace the belt and/ or the belt itself, and then, when everything is ready, simply release the motor and the spring pushes the motor/ belt to optimal tension. It’s a treat! However, do not attempt to remove and remove the W2 motor/ belt cover to accommodate larger wheels. The motor/ belt cover is an important part of keeping the motor/ motor pulley aligned throughout the spring-loaded mechanism. The 97 mm wheels will fit within the size of the W2 motor/ belt cover (just) but not larger.

The bush of W2 is 95A ultra high rebound (SHR) formula. SHR 95A is not like 95A. They feel a bit sluggish at low speeds and quite the opposite at high speeds, they are very active. If you’re not used to it, they’ll hitch a ride or two. 



  • Top Speed: 26 miles (42 KPH)
  • Range: 14 to 16 miles
  • Hills: 30%
  • Weight: 18.5 pounds (8.2 kg)


  • I now weigh about 185 pounds (84 kilograms).
  • Top Speed: 27 miles (43.5kph)
  • Range: 17 miles (27.3 km)
  • Hills: twenty to twenty-five percent
  • Weight: 17 pounds (7.7 kg)

Let’s run a performance test on the 90x63mm 78A offset wheel. Top speed = 21.7 mph (35 km/h) in PRO mode (or 24.2 mph (39 km/h) in HYPER). In PRO mode, distance = 7.14 miles (11.5km). Hills = 25%(possible). Weight = 17.85 pounds (8.1 kg).

So what are the disadvantages about Ownboard W2 in comparison? This is a faster, lighter board with more than twice the range of an improved stealth less than half the price! W2 has exceeded expectations in almost every way.

So, the question remains: Where does W2 not compete with something like the Boosted stealth? That’s torque, acceleration and hill climbing. Another pickup point will also be its ESC and BMS programming, resulting in zero drop. W2 did go through two different phases of depression that I felt. The first is a slight drop in peak performance going into the last 5km, followed by a significant drop in the last 5km. The sag behavior of W2 is quite normal, and its Boosted that remains an exception to the rule.

Why, you might ask, is W2 doing so well at the high end of the market? Well, there are many factors, I’m just saying know a little, but it’s an important part of the W2 motor with high kV running (270kV is pretty high). These motors are designed for maximum speed, but not torque.

So if low-end performance and fast 0-100 meter sprint times are more important to you than normal configuration, if you want to get off the line fast, have torque ready to start, and have the confidence to crush hills, then the boost may still be worth it to you. Otherwise, Ownboard W2 is a very, very attractive option if you want a wider range, better top speed, and all the increased comfort far less than the increased price.


In real-world tests, few boards exceed their maximum speed, range and weight specifications. W2’s board did. Ownboard has done a great job!

Another reliable reason is Ownboard’s bet on belt. Samsung 30Q battery and a Hobbywing ESC. That’s not hard, but for some reason, many of these lesser-known fringe brands seem intent on cutting prices on their customers. At least Ownboard has come with something reliable.

Ownboard will give you spare, regular griptape (if neoprene isn’t your thing), nose and tail bash guards, 2x spare belts, a tail light, and all other common goods and chests. Topping everything off is the 3A charger, which is awesome for 10s3p batteries.

There are only a few of my shortcomings worth mentioning. The first is the branding. The design of the griptape and the logo could obviously be more primitive. I’m also used to seeing more in Ownboards and wheels below deck. Maybe they will do more branding for W2 in future batches?

Next comes the remote control. We all know that Hobbywing now has custom remotes with monitors for some of their retail customers. Ownboard didn’t go that route, choosing instead to use the universal default remote. In my tests of the W2, the battery housing screw rattled — very loose — in other words, “completely disconnected.”


Ownboard W2 is the best mid-range belt drive money can buy. With its beautiful elastic deck, top-of-the-line 10s3p Samsung 30Q battery pack, industry-renowned Hobbywing ESC and remote combination, and high-quality CNC aluminum drive system, it has earned this title. It’s faster, lighter, packs twice as much and costs less than half as much. The board comes with Flywheel-type pulleys, with Kegel-type pulleys coming soon. It can run wheels up to 97mm in size. This means you can run 97mm Flywheels or 85mm Caguma’s without any aftermarket modifications. The choice is yours.

Yes, the W2 lacks torque, acceleration, and hill climbing, but if you don’t need those things, it’s hard to justify the extra cost, especially when the W2’s out-specs Boosted in every other way. If you live in a relatively flat area, isn’t it a smarter idea to save half your money and buy twice as much? This is a compelling argument – and it’s not that W2 can’t climb hills. Of course it can, but it doesn’t as much pull as a Boosted.

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