Know About Inboard M1: The Cool Electric Skateboard

M1 – in the skate park


Inboard was now on the hunt for permanent stomping grounds, preferably with enough room to swing an M1. Here, the strong vitality of this team attracts many outdoor sports enthusiasts. They share the same interests and pursue their own hobbies, which further improves M1 and makes it more interesting.

Today I would like to introduce you a skateboard named Inboard M1:

The Inboard M1, it at $1000, cheaper than Boosted Plus. What is cool about the M1, though is that easily swap oval batteries. It weighs 14.5 pounds, about 6.5 kilograms. It’s the size of a normal longboard. It has an official speed of 22mph, a charge of 90 minutes, but a short range of 7 miles.


The Inboard M1 is pretty smooth and some people prefer the stiffer deck especially at higher speeds. It also has motor integrated into the wheels, which means you probably won’t have to worry about maintenance on thing like belts as much, and it means the M1 actually coasts pretty smoothly too.

Inboard does a lot of good things right – they have a really good App that shows you stats and helps you update the board’s firmware – I forgot to mention, Boosted also has app.

There is also tail lights and headlights on the board, which is good. Because it just helps you stay noticed on the street overall. It is really impressive first try from what is still relatively new company.

The video review URL:

feel the nature


The Inboard is a committed investment, and, what’s more important is, depending on your skating experience.

In a word, M1 can bring you an extraordinary experience, convenient to carry, beautiful shape. It will take you to feel the charm of nature.

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