10 Best Popular Motorized Skateboards in 2022


Why is skateboarding so popular these years?

Whether you’re riding through traffic jams or just for fun, riding on a skateboard is fascinating. It’s interesting, it’s a form of self-expression, it gives you a sense of fulfillment, it can be a great commute alternative, and, it has adrenaline, awe, and pride.

When we talk about motorized skateboards, it doesn’t require any manual pressure and you can climb up steep roads comfortably without getting tired. They have batteries to power them, and they can reach high speeds compared to manual batteries. Moreover, most of them offer the option of controlling it remotely, which is very convenient.

Check out the top 10 most popular and best-selling popular motorized skateboards of 2020 below.

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Boosted Mini X$ 99920 mph14 mi1000W16.8 lbs200 lbs2m4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Yecoo GTS$69925 mph21 mi1000W * 219.62 lbs330 lbs6m4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Exway Flex$ 649 - $ 69925 mph20 mi600W * 217 lbs265 lbs12m4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
ACTON Blink S2$ 59918 mph14 mi500W * 215 lbs250 lbs6m4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Teamgee H5$ 46922 mph11 mi380W * 213.7 lbs220 lbs3m4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
Evolve Bamboo GTR All-terrain$ 169922 mph19 mi1500W * 225 lbs250 lbs12m4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)
Onewheel XR$ 179919 mph18 mi750W27 lbs275 lbs12m4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
BajaBoard S2$ 2699 - $ 369937 mph37 mi-43 lbs330 lbs12m4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
BLITZART Huracane$ 289.9919 mph8 mi350W13.6 lbs250 lbs3m3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)
RazorX Cruiser$ 199.9910 mph-125W10.5 lbs220 lbs1m3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Boosted Mini X


To find a motorized skateboard that really satisfied everyone, we first researched and compared many different boards, then bought all the best boards and tested them face to face. We assessed each of the boards and the Boosted Mini X was analyzed first as described below.

Boosted Mini X board charges very fast, can be in less than two hours to run out of battery is fully charged. The board is very comfortable to ride over medium distances and does a good job of dealing with bumps and cracks but is hampered by its smaller deck and shorter wheelbase. It was a fun and fun skateboard, but we found that if we were going to ride for a long distance, we did prefer the bigger ones.
The plate also handles road defects well but can be jarring through some large cracks. However, it can be a bit difficult to ride on rough terrain, but the Mini X can definitely ride on the worst roads.

The Mini X is intended to be the ultimate electric skateboard. It's much more expensive than other shorter electric scooters, but it's not the best choice if you're shopping on a tight budget.​


  • Price $999
  • Top Speed 20 mph / 32 kph
  • Range 14 miles / 22.5 km
  • Motors 1000 Watts
  • Hill Climb 20%
  • PROS

  • The component quality of the board is excellent
  • A stronger, more stable truck without adding too much weight
  • Excellent grip and almost feel tacky
  • Charging is very fast

  • CONS

  • For being such a small board, the Mini X is surprisingly heavy
  • Drastically slowed down after 10 miles

  • Yecoo GTS


    The next motorized skateboard I want to introduce you to is Yecoo GTS.Yecoo GTS. Yecoo is the last two years just developed for an electric skateboard company, you may not have heard of it. But the GTS I'm recommending today is really worth it. It's one of the best in skateboarding. It is really the next best option out there, let alone its price at only $699.

    GTS uses a sealed bottom case design,the controller box and the battery box are packed together, what's more, two cool light tubes equipped on the battery box will change their direction and speed as the skateboard rides. 2000 watts motor provides strong power and high speed. And motor external, do not directly contact the ground, no wear of course. Comes with high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, supporting strong power.

    GTS can get a range of 16miles with a 10.5Ah battery. It's also fast with a top speed of about 25 mph, which is that I ever want to go on an electric skateboard, but more importantly, it has really good breaking.

    This remote control can be used to drive in both directions, and it is very sensitive to start. You should be careful when braking because it brakes suddenly. By the way, the skateboard starts automatically after a few seconds when you roll its power wheels without turning the board on. If you forget to turn it off, don't worry, it will turn off automatically. ​


  • Price $699
  • Top Speed 25mph / 40kmh
  • Range 21 miles / 33.7 km
  • Motors 1000 Watts * 2
  • Battery 378 Wh
  • Hill Climb 30%
  • PROS

  • Great value for money
  • Flexible and comfortable ride
  • Can easily swap between street and off-road
  • Awesome for commuting

  • CONS

  • Not the fastest available
  • The flex is no good for sliding

  • Exway Flex


    The Exway Flex is a budget motorized skateboard. Often this means low grade components and sub-standard build quality.That's definitely not the case here.Flex is actually a high-level committee masquerading as a budget committee.Let's start with the deck.As the Flex name suggests, the deck is fairly flexible, but retains good recoery without much distortion.

    Just because Flex is Exway's self-confessed "budget board" doesn't mean they've cut corners on the electronics on the board.I think it's actually the opposite.It feels like Exway is willing to keep the board's margins slim while maintaining the quality of life features that are typically found only on boards above the Flex price range, just to get people talking about the Exway brand.As far as I'm concerned, it's not a bad strategy, and I'm sure it will be good for them.

    To everyone's surprise, Flex USES the same ESC as the previous motherboard, thus retaining all the previous intelligence.Remote on/off ensures that you never have to press the power button on the board again.The telemetry technology on the remote works with a bright OLED display to clearly see basic statistics, such as remaining power and current speed.Application integration and Exway's constantly updated firmware ensure that your development board is infinitely tunable and always up to date.When the Flex's battery dropped below 20%, the brakes were too soft and too hard at low speeds, but Exway quickly released an update to fix the problem.It demonstrates their reflexes.If I were really picky, would I really have to complain about the lack of a USB-C charging port on the remote, and maybe the odometer? Besides, I am very satisfied.


  • Price $649 - $699
  • Top Speed 25 mph / 40 kph
  • Range 20 miles/ 32 km
  • Motors 600 Watts * 2
  • Battery 259Wh
  • Hill Climb 30%
  • PROS

  • Nice waterproof
  • Flexible and comfortable ride
  • Powerful braking
  • You could get a second battery to add to your range

  • CONS

  • The brakes are too hard
  • Rough roads are hard to ride

  • ACTON Blink S2


    Acton Blink S2 electric skateboard is a very well assembled board.The Canadian maple deck is 31.2 inches long and 8.5 inches wide, and sits on an electronically-equipped aluminum casing with little bending on the boards, but that's what it gives an old skateboard cruiser.The concave edge and tail foot lock your foot to the board for easy control.

    You have dual hub motors that together generate 1000W of power, easily drive the circuit board, and can reach a top speed of 18mph (28.8km/h).Even a hill with a slope of 20% cannot meet Blink S2's requirements.Moreover, when you are driving downhill, the backpedal brake will recharge the battery. The hub motor is super quiet, so you won't often suffer the annoying buzz that the belt actuators often bring.Another benefit of hubs is that if you run out of juice, you can still push the boards without a problem.
    The maximum range is 14 miles (22.4 kilometers) on a single charge, and when the battery is dead, it can be fully charged in just 1.5 hours.You can also take advantage of the ability to push the slide away from the static state to start moving, which will put unnecessary pressure on the motor and make it work to the maximum.

    Blink S2 has green 83mm electric wheels, super soft, bringing you a comfortable ride experience.Because the deck has no flexure, the wheels can work well as a shock absorber for those rough bumps and cracks that sneak along the road.


  • Price $599
  • Top Speed 18 mph / 29 kph
  • Range 14 miles / 22.5 km
  • Motors 500 Watts * 2
  • Hill Climb 20%
  • PROS

  • Hard, concave deck
  • Kick-tail
  • Built-in lights
  • Mobile app

  • CONS

  • Remote runs on AAA batteries
  • Must use app to change riding mode

  • Teamgee H5


    Teamgee is one of the first platforms to use a plug-in deck on electric skateboards. The deck is 15-20mm lower than most electric scooters, providing a more stable and confident riding experience. A concave deck makes turning easy and comfortable; The soft bushing makes the board super flexible when making sharp turns.

    There is no need to replace the entire motor even if it suffers severe wear and tear. Just change your tires and you'll get a brand new skateboard in no time. Our accessory store offers replaceable tires of the same size. With the rear-mounted bridge, the Teamgee H5 is closer to the ground and its lower center of gravity ensures a more stable and comfortable ride even at high speeds.
    The manufacturer made some pretty bold claims about the product. They say it's the thinnest electric skateboard you'll find on the market today. Indeed, the board is thin, which keeps the weight to a minimum. It also helps increase board flexibility.

    In addition, you will enjoy the powerful engine integrated into the unit, ensuring that performance is not disappointing. It has two 380-watt motors. With the motor, it can reach a top speed of 22 miles per hour.
    In addition to motors, high-performance batteries are also worth a look.This is not the kind of skateboard that drains batteries quickly, although it is powerful. According to the company's specifications, it has a 36 volt lithium-ion battery.It takes an average of two hours to fully charge the battery.

    It is unique in its construction. That way, you can expect it to stand the test of time. It is safe to say that it combines form and function. It has 10-ply deck that is made of Canadian maple and a layer of fiberglass. At the same time, the load bearing capacity is 220 pounds.


  • Price $469
  • Top Speed 22 mph / 35 kph
  • Range 11 miles / 18 km
  • Motors 380 Watts * 2
  • Hill Climb 20%
  • PROS

  • Comes with a built-in battery
  • You can push the board when it's out of battery
  • Comes with an ultra-thin board
  • Board has a decent flex

  • CONS

  • The remote can only display KPH
  • The shock absorbing effect is not very good

  • Evolve Bamboo GTR All-terrain


    For 2019, Evolve skateboard company has released their newest and best electric skate to date, Evolve GTR series. I put it here because of its high price.

    The versatility of these boards means you can ride comfortably to work, slide and sculpt along beach roads on weekends, or carve some dirt paths on off-road roads. Just don't ride it on your neighbor's lawn.They may not like the marks left by your tires when they chew up their grass. Just like in their previous GTX and GT models, you can get GTR with bamboo or carbon fiber decks, and with street Settings, all-terrain Settings or even both!
    GTR has a super comfortable riding experience. I spent a lot of time in the bamboo GTR with the new 97mm Evolve GT wheel, it was so smooth that I could hardly feel the crack between the concrete.

    Sculpting is a dream with a double-pin truck effortlessly bringing the skateboard back to the center, while the wheels grab the path, ensuring that the skateboard doesn't slide out from under you.
    The GTR series has a completely rebuilt battery, BMS system and custom ESC working together to provide an extremely powerful ride that just goes on and on. A standard battery has a range of up to 50km and won't sag as you approach the end of the cycle.Maintain full power until zero.Like all skateboards, you lose a little bit of speed at top speed, but I'm glad there's no more droop. Evolution now also offers travel-safety batteries.So now there's no reason not to take your scooters everywhere!


  • Price $1699
  • Top Speed 22 mph / 35 kph
  • Range 19 miles / 31 km
  • Motors 1500 Watts * 2
  • Battery 504 Wh
  • Hill Climb 25%
  • PROS

  • High speed up to 26mph
  • Flexible and comfortable ride
  • High power motor
  • Easy to adapt to any terrain

  • CONS

  • The price is a little high
  • Cumbersome and not easy to carry

  • Onewheel XR


    The Onewheel XR sells for $1799. This is a "premium" consumer layer, and you'll definitely get what you need in terms of manufacturing quality and customer service.

    Onewheel lets you keep your hands free.In my opinion, this board provides you with a surfing/snowboarding feel.It requires more power than an electric skateboard because it is always balanced and your core is more involved in the ride.It does require more leg and thigh strength.If you've never ridden a unicycle before, and then ride for 10 miles, your legs will scream the next day.It's great on the road and off-road.Riding Onewheel XR on some local mountain bike trails is a lot of fun, and its performance is impressive.We do have a lot of sand here, and Onewheel does struggle a little bit in the sand.With the hard sand on the beach, you can easily row up and down the coastline.Can you imagine skiing on the beach?Yeah, that's what we're doing.Only a few miles of hard sand can be carved up and down.

    Onewheel claims you can travel between 12 and 18 miles on a single charge.Again, it depends on how you ride, where you ride and how much you weigh.If the battery is dead, the single wheel will not operate.I personally got up to 21 MPH on Onewheel XR, so I can say they're also accurate.Speed is not a super important factor for me when deciding which board to spend my hard-earned money on.Your riding speed must never exceed your running ability, and trust me when I tell you that road rash doesn't feel good.It will remind you to slow down.

    The brakes on one wheel are controlled by your weight and lean back.They are also very sensitive.I didn't go beyond where I wanted to stay on any board.With regard to security, this is a difficult requirement.The fact that there is no remote control on a single wheel allows you to let go of your hands, but it requires more balance and skill.


  • Price $1799
  • Top Speed 19 mph / 30 kph
  • Range 18 miles / 29 km
  • Motors 750 Watts
  • Battery NMC, 324 Wh
  • Hill Climb 30%
  • PROS

  • You can move slowly through a crowd, which is very agile
  • App is clear and easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • Board has a lot of speed and sensitivity settings

  • CONS

  • Too heavy to bring
  • Expensive
  • No remote

  • BajaBoard S2


    For starters, Bajaboard is an Australian brand known for its ultra-expensive off-road motorized skateboards.In fact, the limit is defined as an electric skateboard because many people think it's more like an electric scooter than a regular skateboard.

    The new Bajaboard is significantly smaller than the previous G4 / G4X.If you need to transport S2 on a car or public transport, this will make S2 more portable.That means it can be as portable as 35 pounds (16 kilograms).With a top speed of 37 MPH (60 km/h) and a maximum range of 37 MPH (60 km/h), it is a compact performance machine.

    Bajaboard is known for its stable performance, thanks to its proprietary shock absorption design, making it one of the best off-road vehicles.The new S2 features a new single-shock suspension design that should be improved over previous versions.In addition to the coil shock, lighter air shocks are now working!

    Considering the price, you should know that Bajaboard S2 is one of the most upscale products in the electric skateboard field, based on the customized versions of Lacroix and Trampa.


  • Price $2699 - $3699
  • Top Speed 37 mph / 60 kph
  • Range 37 miles / 60 km
  • Battery 600 Wh or 1000 Wh
  • Hill Climb 45%
  • PROS

  • faster than most high-end city longboards
  • Braking is smooth
  • Goes anywhere
  • CONS

  • Quite heavy
  • Extremely expensive

  • BLITZART Huracane


    Next, we are going to introduce the low-priced skateboard, the Blitzart Huracane.None of the Blitzart Huracane's features are unique. Rather, the combination of different elements makes it a great board. You can get everything from speed and comfort to great style from this board. In addition, it is one of the most affordable options for electric long boards.
    The deck is made of six layers of maple between two layers of bamboo. This gives it good flexibility, so the board doesn't feel stiff at the foot.Since it's a hub motor, you can also kick the board, which is a great option for people who want to use a platform that can be used without the motor. The Blitzart has a top speed of about 17 MPH, depending on your weight. Depending on your weight and speed, you'll get about 6-8 miles per charge. This range is shorter than that of other long boards. The remote is thin and light, so it doesn't feel very big. It's easy to use, with buttons for accelerating and decelerating.

    Battery life is somewhat disappointing compared to other motherboards. But it can be made up for by a quick charge. The board really stands out for its comfort and durability. The deck feels good under your feet and is flexible enough to absorb bumps on rough surfaces. However, it's still sturdy enough to give you a solid platform to ride on. If you want a great entry-level motherboard, Blitzart is a great choice.


  • Price $289.99
  • Top Speed 19 mph / 30 kph
  • Range 8 miles / 12.8 km
  • Motors 350 Watts
  • Battery 144 Wh
  • PROS

  • Great value for money
  • Flexible and comfortable ride
  • The brake is great
  • Awesome for commuting

  • CONS

  • Battery life is somewhat disappointing
  • The grip tape is fairly rough

  • RazorX Cruiser


    This may be the right choice for beginners or young people.But low prices do not mean poor performance. Instead, lithium-ion-powered panels allow young and old adventurers to reach speeds of 10 miles per hour for 40 minutes at a time (a light at the bottom tells you how many batteries are left). Of course, this isn't the fastest electric skateboard on the market.

    The 29.7-inch deck, made of five layers of maple, is said to offer light, responsive rides that are ideal for cruising on sidewalks. Therefore, you may not want to go down on such a board. The entire board is controlled using a wristband wireless 2.4ghz remote, so you don't accidentally lose control of the controller, which lets you control the speed.

    Thanks to Cruiser's high grip carbamate wheels and reverse kingpin trucks, this should be a fairly stable plate, especially with its perforated grip straps and rear wheel drive. All in all, the electronic whiteboard seems to be best suited to people with less life experience or skateboarders. While young people are encouraged to take their first electric ride on a cruiser, the board can definitely offer inner support - it can carry up to 220 pounds.


  • Price $199.99
  • Top Speed 10 mph / 16 kph
  • Motors 125 Watts
  • Battery 22 V
  • PROS

  • Great value for money
  • Light and easy to carry
  • CONS

  • Not for heavy adults
  • Motor power only 125W

  • summary

    In this article, I list 10 popular motorized skateboards at different price points. In any case, there are longboards, mini boards, mountain boards, street boards, outdoor speed seekers, urban commuters, expensive ones, and cheap ones in this review post. Each board has its own unique charm, and something it’s good at.

    Electric skateboarding is a great technological revolution. We have tried our best to narrow down the best options available on the market so that you can find the one that suits you best.
    Of course, my suggestion is the mid-to-high-end motorized skateboards in the front of the table, their price is not very high, most people can afford it, and they meet most people’s riding needs well. Let alone the performance is no less than that of those expensive skateboards.


    • All skateboard prices are subject to the official website.
    • Remember to wear protective gear during the ride, especially a helmet!
    • Please leave a comment below if you find any updates on skateboard parameters.

    What other factors should you consider when buying an electric skateboard?

    Pricing, feedback from previous users, and flexibility and hardness are all factors you should pay attention to. Particularly important is its performance, such as top speed and maximum range

    Why should your electric skateboard be flexible?

    The flexibility of the skateboard will help you make the curves and chops you need. When equipped with the right skateboard truck, you will have powerful equipment that will easily give you the thrill that you want.

    Most of the boards are placed between two pieces of bamboo so that they can get the flexibility they need. The seven layers of maple wood between bamboo are common settings.

    How can I make sure my motorized skateboard lasts longer?

    There are many things you can do. Do some cleaning on your skateboard often; Minimize cycling on rough roads; What is more, the user’s manual is one of them; The other thing is to look at the weight of the board, so you don’t overload the board; Finally, you need to store your board properly so that you can minimize injuries, including surface scratches.

    Therefore, you should check your warranty before you consider solving the problem yourself or getting someone to really help you.

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