“What? Let me ride my bike to work? Not cool at all ! And every day cycling more than 10 kilometers, dog-tired, which state to work!” So all kinds of electric skateboards also gradually into people’s lives.

This four-wheeled smart electric scooter really makes traveling a pleasure.

Not only that, it highlights the personality of guys and becomes a member of the extreme sports.

Today I’d like to introduce some of the best skateboards to buy.

1. Boosted Mini S( $799 )

The first one I recommend is Boosted. As the name implies, this board is full of energy, but in practice, full of energy is more dangerous. Because of the motor’s powerful torque, people who are not familiar with it can suddenly fall down and even have accidents on public transportation.

Though that the Boosted has been followed by various electronics companies, it wins a large following thanks to its solid performance and sleek appearance.

Get some of its Mini S

The new Mini S promise as a big market leader for the mid-sized electric skate market. It has first-class manufacturing quality and belt-driven motors that can generate large amounts of power for a price. Smaller drivers or those looking for a less troublesome commuter car will enjoy it. However, the local drivers do not compare the longboard is still the same as the longboard and the range.

As for its deck, the company got some clues from the manufacture of its skis and its composite structure. There is a lightweight poplar core wrap in fiberglass, with a plastic runner at the edge for protection. It cannot be compared to the previous version as there is no shorter model available now. However, you won’t get the same bounce that the long board provides. There is no real bending at this size, which is the way it should be, but since the overall package is quite heavy, it is hard to say whether the deck itself can reduce the weight.


You have a more affordable and operable option here, though with a little less power than the longboard model. Mini S runs a brushless belt-driven motor with a total output of 1000 watts, while the Plus and Stealth output are 2100 watts. The boards are all controlled by a hand-held bluetooth remote control, one of the more ergonomic and comfortable units I use. 

The Mini S costs $799(Prices adjust often) and is the most affordable, but you still only get 7 miles. That’s fine, but you’ll need to stay plugged in, and probably take the brick with you most of the time – or buy something extra to meet your commute needs. While the Mini S has a top speed of 18 miles per hour, its speed threshold may not be a battery life issue for most riders.


If you can afford an upgrade, but like a smaller form factor, you can opt for the Mini X. The battery is more powerful and the entire package weighs 16.8 pounds (the difference is negligible as both are heavy). Still, you can get 14 MPH and a top speed of 20 mph, which sounds like a good pairing. The premium mini X will set you back $999, but offset that by having a wider range of charges, which means less reliance on charging bricks. 

Remember, if you run any circuit board at full speed for a long time, you will not reach the maximum rated distance. With an earlier Dual + longboard rated at 7 miles, I was stuck between 5.2 and 5.8 miles before the battery run out. Although the starting and stopping torque of the motor is amazing, it also makes it harder than you might think without juice.


To manage your speed threshold, you can use any of three driving modes that provide a good spread of emotions and skill levels. The first one is slow enough to help avoid most over-throttling events, but won’t get you anywhere fast. It’s just a brisk walking pace, a perfect safe mode for beginners. The second is similar to jogging, which makes you walk well on the street, but if you are used to the chessboard, you will still argue. Mode 3 lets you move around in a decent clip, and if you speed up quickly, you want to get closer. If you are familiar with the more powerful longboard, you may miss more speed.


  • Quality builds and components
  • Small in size compared to the longboard
  • Concave and slingshot deck design
  • Plenty of torque to adjust up and down smoothly
  • Advanced bluetooth controller design


  • It’s still a bit heavy in size
  • Cheaper, but far from cheap
  • Medium range

2. Wowgo 3($599.99)

Maybe you guys are more familiar with wowgo 2s, but what I recommend today is Wowgo3.


WowGo 3 use the all Bamboo plus fiber glass deck which is more flexible and stronger. You won’t need to worry about the deck break. It will provide you more comfortable riding experience and better shock absorbing.

The WowGo 3 has an significantly improved turbo ESC (The overall hardware upgrade enables it to work at much higher current) which allows you to get larger torque and faster acceleration, when you switch to the Turbo(T) mode, it provides extra 55% max power and more torque. The new LED remote is designed to be comfortable and easy to use. And you can easily read the battery, speed, mode, trip and total range information on the LED screen. 

Speed Mode: 

1. Slow mode: 20km/h  
2. Normal mode: 30km/h  
3. Fast mode: 39km/h  
4. Turbo mode: 39km/h

Each WowGo 3 has been treated with Basic waterproof treatment both inside and outside. Normally it could resist the splash of daily life. 
Note: However. We should avoid water intake at power button and charging port.

Two designs

Wowgo 3 provides two designs(Orange and Black), Giving you more choices.

Zealous bearing

The world-renowned Zealous bearing with high precision, high quality, low resistance and no noise enables you to get extra range and enjoy the quiet riding. After riding for some time, it’s could spin for 40 seconds without load, far more than 10-20 seconds of ordinary bearings.


  • High-quality truck and bearing
  • Moderate price
  • Concave and slingshot deck design
  • All Bamboo plus fiber glass deck
  • New design Eccentric structure wheels


  • No pre cut holes in the grip tape
  • Cheaper, but far from cheap

3. Meepo NLS Pro($699)

It is understood that the Meepo team is a group of people who know electric skateboards very well. The average mileage of the electric skateboard is more than 3,000 kilometers. So, what kind of skateboard did this group of skateboarders create, so popular overseas?

Upgrade Specs

Take Meepo NLS Pro electric skateboard for example. It’s an updated version of the NLS, said to have a 60% range increase, a 30% power increase, and a top speed of up to 32 MPH / 51 KPH, which is enough to make the adrenalin surge of skateboarders in pursuit of speed to feel the speed and passion in reality.

Stable Board

Speed is of course a good thing, safety is also the key! First of all, in the start, Meepo NLS Pro electric skateboard boot default first gear to prevent a leap out. And the user can adjust the braking force according to their own weight and proficiency level to the satisfaction, even if the skateboard has no power, it can also brake, and has the characteristics of anti-lock. Whether you get on or stop the board, it is a “stable” word.

In addition, to enhance the stability and safety of the remote-control and skateboard connections, Meepo’s team has developed a dual-fin design to focus on the heating problem of the skateboard during operation.

Get Smarter

In terms of experience, the Meepo NLS Pro electric skateboard is also much smarter. For example: when the user stands on the skateboard and pushes the skateboard, the skateboard will start automatically. Just take out the remote and start a nice ride. The ease of operation has made Meepo a huge fan base.

Overall Design

In terms of overall design, the team adopted a 38-inch design, which is not so bulky but also has superior stability. Moreover, the front and tail truck are designed with double columns, which not only makes the turning more sensitive, but also improves the stability of high-speed sliding. High in the middle, low on both sides of the concave design, also enhanced shock absorbers, and can bring real-time road feedback to riders.

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics, this skateboard is also good at off-road, portable charging and other characteristics. Whether it’s commuting to work or skating on weekends. Meepo NLS Pro smart electric skateboard costs $699.


  • High-speed up to 51km/h
  • Adopted a 38-inch design
  • The bamboo deck is fitted with a cushion and grip tape for comfort and efficiency
  • It has the characteristics of anti-lock for stable
  • Skateboard can start automatically


  • No pre cut holes in the grip tape
  • Too fast can cause safety problems
  • No handle design, inconvenient to hold

4. Yecoo GTS($699)

Yecoo is a new developing brand, committed to superior product quality and perfect customer experience.

Now we’ll take a look at YECOO GTS. It comes with a price tag of $699,  which is pretty mid- and high-end in terms of performance. It’s worth noting, GTS is also a belt-driven electric skateboard, shaft and mute motor. The size is about 38 in (L), 12.2 in (W), 7.08 in (H), and the weight is about 19.62 pounds. Next, let’s analyze its performance and design.

Deck Design

Get a skateboard first to see the board, is said to be the well-selected Canadian Maple, 8 layers of Canadian Maple with great toughness can bear a weight of 330 lbs. And please pay attention that layout with griptape is very rough, no handle design, so be careful not to hurt your hand, but this pattern is really nice, I appreciate the skateboard griptape pattern. A scorpion that was yellow with white is in the center, the lines of the whole board is a abstract scorpion, it is not hard to see.

It has the same concave design as the GT, progressive, which is stable to ride and easy to turn.


The real thing about this skateboard is its wheels, that is, two sets of wheels – the main recommendation of YECOO, With dual purpose. YECOO give a set of replacement wheels, it is 6 in tire for all-terrain. The seller sent me a set of replacement wheels,6-inch off-road wheel is made of non-inflatable silicone tires, so you do not need to worry about puncture and repair, and soft silica gel material feels comfortable for cycling.  I tried it out and it was- riding comfortable. With dual purpose, Yecoo GT2 is called urban off-road. The 83mm PU wheel is used on street, while the 6-inch off-road wheel is used on unsurfaced road, the lawn, hilly road and mountain road. We can switch the wheels quiklly within two minutes.


GTS uses a seal bottom case design,the controller box and the battery box are packed together, what’s more, two cool light tubes equipped on the battery box will change their direction and speed as the skateboard rides.  Dual 1000 Watts motor provides strong power and high speed. And motor external, do not directly contact the ground, no wear of course. Comes with high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, supporting strong power.


YECOO has upgraded their third-generation truck, made of al-alloy material, therefore the truck is convenient to disassemble and reassemble. Belt tightness is easy to adjust, and the belt noise effect is good, but it is easy to wear out over time. 


This remote control can be used to drive in both directions, and it is very sensitive to start. You should be careful when braking, because it brakes suddenly. By the way, the skateboard starts automatically after a few seconds when you roll it’s power wheels without turning the board on. If you forget to turn it off, don’t worry, it will turn off automatically.

So, let’s look at some of the other specs.


  • Seal bottom case design without wear
  • Double lighting enhances the aesthetic
  • The seller sends a set of replacement wheels
  • Bi-directional sliding
  • Flexible start
  • Start automatically when you push the skateboard forward


  • No handle design, inconvenient to hold
  • Kind of heavy

5. Exway X1 Pro($999)

Maybe you should know more about Exway X1 Pro($999).

Exway has fully demonstrated its capabilities with their first generation product, the X1. The relative professionalism of skateboarding and the strict requirements on the product make their product experience, production technology and product quality at a very high level. With a benchmarking predecessor, I wonder what kind of surprise the X1 Pro will bring to us this time.


It is the same as the Exway of the previous generation, with the same deck design and a concave with a deep sense of control. In order to accommodate a larger battery capacity, the board thickness has been expanded a little, but it is almost negligible. However, the larger battery brings a weight of 500g, which is actually 6.8KG.

Battery and Motor

The battery expanded from 120wh to 193wh, a 61% increase in capacity. Combined with the previous 12-13km range, the range of this generation is expected to be around 20km.

The power is increased to 1200w from the previous generation X1’s 1000w motor, a 20% increase over the original, which means either higher extreme speed or higher acceleration capacity, but it may also mean increased energy consumption.


The Exway X1, was neck and neck within 25km/h compared to the Boosted V2 Dual+ of the year, while the Boosted slowly lost ground, thanks to a higher speed limit.

According to the measured results, Exway X1 Pro has a maximum speed of 0 – 10,10 – 20, and 20 – max, which is slightly faster than the previous generation X1. The increase of 5mm wheel diameter may affect the acceleration performance and improve the extreme speed. However, thanks to the motor whose power is increased by 20%, the acceleration won’t lose but gain a little. 


If you want to ride for a long range, do not ride at high speed for a long time. Power consumption increases very fast after 20 km/ h, and the closer you get to the max speed, the more power you consume.

Traffic lights and other frequent accelerations and slowdowns don’t affect battery life. Instead, they reduce the average speed or heat of the motor, saving power.

This generation of Pro’s new skateboard wheel diameter increased from 80 mm to 85 mm, because of the characteristics of hub motors, the hard motor and rough ground are separated only by the outer tyre, if the outer tyre is very thin, it will be easier to transfer vibration to the foot. An increase of 5 mm in the diameter of outer tyre may improve the situation.


The remote control is the same as the X1, with complete functions and comfortable feel. It shows the current speed, gear position, direction,  power of the board and remote control.

The middle button is a speed switch, with a choice of four mode, said to have a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour in a mode called Turbo. Press the accelerator on the move. Press the button two times to turn on the cruise speed, three times to switch forward and backward and so on…Function is very practical, the animation effect is just right.

Exway should be proud of the magnetic suction charger from the first generation. The cover of the charging port is also magnetic suction, which is very convenient and safe.


  • The ride has a good sense of control
  • The riding is comfortable
  • The deck is covered with an explosion – proof coating
  • Good waterproof performance


  • The durability of griptape is not good
  • Board control is not as good as the X1
  • PU wheel side is easy to tear when carving

6. Backfire G2T($599)

Backfire G2T, an upgraded board after the G2S. The main changes were the replacement of a new motor and the material of the wheel, which solved the previously intolerable problems. Such as outer tyre shake problem of the thermal deformation.


Skateboard net weight: 7.3kg.


With the world-famous Caliber™ II truck as the front truck, low – and medium-speed steering is easy, but at high speed it is still easy to stay stability, and rebound is very natural. Stepping on it can give you enough confidence and security to speed and bend. The rear truck is also specially crafted, but it’s completely different.


The mounting structure of the motor is different from G2S, changing from “out shaft” to “through shaft”.  In addition to that, bridge structure is more close to the traditional long board, the board structure of the bridge itself is relatively simple and stable.

In terms of motors, G2T is much better than G2S. The biggest change is that there is an extra steel ring on the tread of G2T, which solves the problem of tread deformation before, and there will be no active foot shock caused by tread deformation, no more “pitter-patter”.

It’s actually quite nice to run, smooth and quiet, with no vibration on the flat surface, and you feel like you’ve been shift-panned in Photoshop.


Stepping on G2T is like stepping on a flat board, the wrap feeling of skateboard to the foot is very weak, the sense of security that brings is far inferior to the board face of deep cancave, also dare not exert all one’s strength more when pressing, because put too hard may have “foot wants to slide down board” feeling.

Second, elasticity. G2T is really only “slightly” elastic. In fact, when sliding on the flat road, you can hardly feel the deformation of the board, and only when passing the speed reducer can you feel that the board is indeed able to bend. So if you expect a G2T to carve like a soft longboard, you’re wrong.


The G2T’s new wheels adjust the wheel’s hardness, 78a for the front wheel and 83a for the rear wheel. Tire noise is very small, run on the road can hardly hear the sound; It’s soft, so the damping is good; Gray is more resistant to dirty, long will not worry about color; Most importantly, it makes the board more stable as a whole.

Speed and Range

Backfire G2T have a brand new usage pattern is Turbo model, equivalent to add a Turbo at G2S E gear at low speed and S at high speed, is very exciting, but this is electricity, too.

83mm skateboard wheel:

96mm skateboard wheel:

With Samsung 30Q pack you can get 15Miles/25Km Sports Mode riding range (75kg rider 30km/h flat road).


  • Package is rich
  • With the world-famous Caliber™ II truck as the front truck
  • Wheels make the board more stable
  • Four ride modes with high speed


  • Cancave is too flat
  • Carve do not like a soft longboard


After briefly introducing several types of skateboards, I will show you a recommendation form of electric skateboards. I hope it will be helpful for you to choose your best fit skateboard.

ManufactureBoardPriceMotorsClaimed RangeClaimed SpeedActual RangeActual SpeedWeight
Dual Hub
15 miles
23.5 mPh
13.66 miles
21.74 mph
16 lbs
Gen 1
Dual Belt
7 miles
22 mph
6 miles
22 mph
15.5 lbs
Mini S
Dual Belt
7 miles
20 mph
5.8 miles
18 mph
16.8 lbs
Bamboo GTX street
Dual Belt
31 miles
26 mph
19.33 miles
24.22 mph
19.4 lbs
X1 Pro
Dual Belt
16 miles
29 mph
15 miles
25 mph
15 lbs
Gen 2
Dual Hub
12-15 miles
26 mph
8.33 miles
26.06 mph
16.5 lbs
Dual Hub
11 miles
25 mph
8.53 miles
21.78 mph
16 lbs
NLS PRO$700.00
Dual Hub
20 miles
32 mph
13.55 miles
27.68 mph
18 lbs

29" Micro Slim
Single Belt
10 miles
24 mPh
9.1 miles
19.96 mph
16 lbs
Dual Hub
10 miles
22 mph
9.5 miles
21.84 mph
16 lbs
Dual Hub
12-14 miles
24 mPh
10.77 miles
22.04 mph
17.2 lbS
Dual Belt
21 miles
25 mph
19 miles
23 mph
19.62 lbs


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