The Best Recommended Electric Skateboard – Boosted Plus

Increasingly large skateboard market, so that skateboarders to choose dazzling. Boosted is one of the most successful skateboarding companies. Let know about its Plus now.


Boosted Plus comes stock with extended range battery so you can fall in love with detours and take the long way home. More importantly, Boosted maintains incredibly high standards of safety, quality, and reliability, including rigorous testing of its battery packs under conditions that replicate tough daily riding conditions to ensure vehicle-grade safety and reliability.

The Boosted Plus real mileage seems to be 10-12 miles, although it has been described as 14 miles now. But that’s enough to support a short trip. I don’t have to charge it on the way to work or home.

Boosted’s boards are very durable, and the Plus is as flexible as it predecessors. You can jump up and down without worrying about it breaking, or even ride through the water.


Blast down the bike path. Turn heads in traffic. Boosted Plus’ 20 mph top speed turns even the flattest neighborhoods into the spaces of play. Boosted has also enjoyed a unique superiority in speed.

The top speed of about 20 mph. It is frankly as fast as I ever want to go on an electric skateboard, but more importantly, it has really good breaking.

I also find the Plus has really big wheels which grip the road really well, it has 4 different ride modes. You can start off slow and maybe most importantly booster just makes the best remote. It uses a spring loaded wheel to accelerate and brake, and there is just the right mix of tension and play in that wheel. So that the movements are not too sudden so you go fly off the board.


The Plus has incredible power and control that speeds up the slope and stops in a fraction of a second. This comes from the torque produced by Boosted’s brushless DC (BLDC) motor belt drive system. With our belt drive system, the belt and pulleys amplify the motor’s torque so the wheels produce 3X the torque produced by the motor alone. On top of that, Boosted boards use a dual motor drive system, so you get to multiply that by 2 again compared to a single motor system. More torque. Faster acceleration. More control.


The Plus size makes it easy and fun to ride, but it is also one of the board’s biggest drawbacks at 16 pounds. This is just not easy to carry around when you are out riding it. Another place where the Boosted Plus loses point is its price cost $1499.

Actually, it seems that no matter if true skateboarders like the Plus – even though it’s really expensive.


Electric skateboards face unique challenges. They can travel thousands of miles at high speeds and endure abuse in ways that no other skateboard can tolerate. Because of this, they design trucks, wheels, and remote with maximum concern for quality and reliability. Plus does it, so you can safely choose it.

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