Electric Skateboard Review 2019 – Yecoo GT Longboard : Urban Off Road

yecoo GT all-terrain electric skateboard
Yecoo GT all-terrain electric skateboard

In recent years, electric skateboards have come into people’s sight and become more and more popular. Of course that the expansion of people’s demand for skateboards determines the importance of skateboard reviews.

Today let’s check out a new type of skateboard – Yecoo GT.

This time, I analyzed it by combining their official website’s specs and disassembling the skateboard myself. GT is now priced at $719, depending on their official website.

The first sight we see is a spider and logo in the middle. This is Yecoo animal theme skateboard series, no doubt increased the beauty and fun of skateboarding. If you would like to learn more about other animal topics, please click on the following links : https://yecooboard.com/

Yecoo GT electric skateboard is a brand new design, which pays more attention to details while improving performance. Yecoo GT is a 2-in-1 model with street and all-terrain, which can switch between street and off-road, which is a completely different experience.


  • Max Range: Samsung (11Ah): Up to 22 Miles(Street), Up to 19 Miles(All-Terrain); Samsung(15Ah): Up to 25 Miles(Street), Up to 21 Miles(All-Terrain)
  • Top Speed: Low mode: Up to 12 mph; Middle mode: Up to 18 mph; High mode: Up to 25 mph
  • Hill Climbing: Up to 20 ~ 30% Grade
  • ESC: Controller: Double drive sine waves smooth the ride; Regenerative brake: Recovers energy when braking and reduces energy consumption
  • Net Weight: 19.62 lbs(8.9kg)
  • Max load: 330 lbs(150kg)
  • Product Size: L: 38 in (970mm), W: 12.2 in (310mm), H: 7.08 in (180mm)
  • Package Size: 40.3 in(1025mm)x9.8 in(250mm)x14.7 in(375mm)
  • Gross Weight: 30.6 lbs(13.9kg)
  • Battery: 10S5P 36V
  • Charging Time: 2~4 hours

1. Motor & Range


(1) Motor:  Dual 1000 watts dual drive provides strong power and high speed. With belt motor more flexible torque.
There are high torque, 1:3 deceleration ratio, more power, better stability.
Motor external, do not directly contact the ground, so you don’t have to worry about wear.
(2) Range: The lithium battery,go up to 22miles with an extended range(actual range will be affected by road conditions, the rider weight, temperature, etc ). You see, today most boards come with a 10 miles+ range, especially with this price tag. 
Climb a 20%~30% grade hill without breaking a sweat.

2. Wheels

6-inch off-road wheel is made of non-inflatable silicone tires, so you do not need to worry about puncture and repair, used on an unsurfaced road, the lawn, hilly road, and mountain road.


In addition, there are 83mm PU wheels is used on a flat roads. The soft material feels comfortable for cycling.
If you want to change wheels, the two sets of wheels can be quickly changed in two minutes, which is very convenient.

3. Design & Deck

(1) Design: Spider and Yecoo logo in the middle, which increases the beauty and interest of skateboard. Actually, there are more other animal themes of Yecoo.

What’s more, the controller box is specially equipped with heat dissipation and a 5mm thick aluminum heat sink. The heat dissipation effect is better. In addition, the controller box and the battery box are placed separately, which improves the elasticity of the deck, avoids heat conduction, and gives higher security. Last but not least, the after-sales service is simple and convenient. So, it is easy to detect problems and change accessories.

GT electric skateboard-waterproof test
GT electric skateboard – waterproof test

(2) Deck: The deck is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple, maple is one of the most suitable raw materials for making the deck. Also, it is very flexible and has strong compressive strength, and it can withstand a weight of 330 pounds. The deck is allowing for higher speed and stability. And it’s splash-resistant (though not fully water-resistant).

The concave design makes people feel very comfortable and stable.

4. Remote Control


(1) Remote: The control distance is 14 meters, and the system design is very accurate, which makes driving safer. What’s more, it’s powerful, feels good, holds well in the hand, is small and portable, and comes with a throwing rope.

(2) Braking: Regenerative braking, which gives it superior energy recovery, excellent. And super comfortable riding experience, slide naturally and stop smoothly.

Notice: Be careful when you are braking!

5. Speed & Weight

(1) Speed: The top speed is 22 miles per hour. 3 ride modes, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. What’s more, each mode has different top speeds and acceleration, making it easy for every type of rider to enjoy this board. And as you progress and get more comfortable, you can switch to a more advanced mode.

(2) Weight: The board weighs only 16 lbs which is very good for an electric longboard. It can withstand a weight of 330 pounds. To some extent, it also determines the speed, sensitivity, and range of the skateboard.

6. Truck

Yecoo has developed their third truck, which is made of aluminum alloy, convenient to disassemble and reassemble, and the belt tightness can be easily adjusted. So that the truck is what really makes the GT board special. 

The belt has its unique advantages, loud tire noise increases the sense of excitement while riding, but the only bad thing about the belt is probably that it is likely to wear over time.

YECOO GT Review: Summary

Alright, let’s sum up the pros and cons we have found:


  • Handle design, longboard but portable.
  • N5065 brushless motor and 900 watts dual drive.
  • Comparable pricing to similar boards.
  • 8 layers Canadian maple.
  • The 2-in-1 model with street and all-terrain.
  • Great power and speed.
  • Separate controller box and battery box.
  • Belt motor more flexible torque.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Ergonomic remote control.
  • Approved for air travel.
  • 180-Day warranty.


  • A little heavy for girls.
  • Belts wear out easily over time.
  • Not fully water resistant.

In a word, YECOO is a company that grows every year. As they grow, the quality of their electric skateboards improves. GT is a good example.

In my opinion, the GT has all the features of an electric skateboard. In addition, there are street and terrain 2-in-1 innovation modes. When I try riding it, I feel very comfortable and safe.

From the above, GT is really functional, suitable for all stages of skateboarding enthusiasts, of course, is very cost-effective.

It is highly recommended !

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