Yecoo GT3 All-terrain Electric Skateboard Review – The Newly Updated Board

I didn’t expect to be captivated by the Yecoo GT3 all-terrain electric skateboard, but it’s one of my favorite electric boards right now. It blew my mind. The Yecoo GT3 is an excellent 2-in-1 all-terrain electric skateboard designed for off-road riding. It can also double as a comfortable electronic commuter board for those looking for a more pleasant means of transportation to work or school.

First, it’s only $859 (for the 8.8Ah battery configuration), and the 14Ah battery configuration costs $1099. It’s not super cheap, but it’s not that expensive either, especially when you look at it as a comparable alternative to Evolve skateboards.

It was as if I had a powerful and pleasant electric skateboard that I could ride to work or school, or take off-road for real riding fun.

Anyway, let’s discuss the features and specs first. Then I test it to see how it performs. 

Yecoo GT3 All-terrain Electric Skateboard – Features and specifications

Let’s start with one of the most important parts of any electric skateboard, the deck. It is made of fiberglass and bamboo.

The mix of bamboo and fiberglass gives the deck a unique elasticity, with the perfect middle zone between elasticity and rigidity. It has enough bounce to absorb bumps and cracks in the ground while maintaining stability at higher speeds. Fiberglass was added to increase strength so you won’t break your deck. The angle of the concave shape is perfect for comfort and maneuverability.

The two wheel-option for the Yecoo GT3 are 150mm non-inflatable tires or 90mm PU wheels. Sculpting is effortless, and the truck always takes me back to the center smoothly and safely.

The motor on the Yecoo GT3 all-terrain electric skateboard is a dual 1000W Hall belt-drive motor powered by a custom ESC.

Although the battery case is made of good quality plastic that is easy to scratch, especially when off-road, it does a good job of protecting all the electronics inside.

Speaking of remote controls, it has a button to control them, a thumbwheel and an LED display. This single button is used to open and close the remote control (press and hold), change mode (click), and switch direction (double click). The remote’s display is small, so it can sometimes be difficult to read all the data on it as you ride, but the current speed is good enough for a quick scan.

As for the finger wheel, it fits the bill very well. There were no complaints and nothing to admire.

Yecoo GT3 All-terrain Electric Skateboard – Performance testing

Range test

The Yecoo website promotes the GT3 to have a range of 35 kilometers.

Now, I think the test will be done on a flat paved road with riders weighing around 70kg and an average speed between 20-25km/h.

In my range test, the Yecoo GT3 took me on a 28km run.

That’s a bit less than the market range, but it’s not all bad news.

First of all, I’m 80 kilograms.

I ride on 100% off-road terrain. I swap and replace between compact gravel, loose gravel, very loose gravel and grass. I rode very hard. I made several attempts at top speed, sculpted some and tested the acceleration on very loose gravel. All of this puts a big strain on the battery.

If you plan to ride at a good and consistent pace, mainly on paved roads with a few tight gravel paths everywhere, you’ll get a much greater range!

Speed test

The Yecoo website claims a top speed of 40km/h (25mph).

On off-road, rough roads, I hit 36 kilometers an hour. There was some room left, that’s fast enough for me. I have no doubt that you crazy electronic skaters will be able to reach speeds of 40km/h (25mph).

Accelerated test

I got the Yecoo GT3 through its paces with accelerated testing. I probably worked harder than any other electric longboard I’ve tested. Starting at rest, I accelerated over the very loose gravel and grass to see how it would respond, and I have to say, it did a pretty good job! It can get out of that terrain without any problem. Acceleration is smooth and agile on flat, more compact gravel. The board responds just as you would expect. No surprising bumps or drops. For someone lacking confidence in electric skateboards, the Yecoo GT3 did an excellent job of making me feel confident and in control.

Braking test

To test the brakes, I rode at a cruising speed of around 25km/h (15.5mph) and slammed on the brakes.

On the dirt track, I came to a complete stop at about 10m. I would say that’s very impressive. Parking on paved roads may take longer due to reduced drag, but not much.

Climbing test

I took the Yecoo GT3 all-terrain electric skateboard up a steep slope of about 17%. This is one of the steepest hills in my area. For this test, I actually found a paved way to test outside of the range I had previously run. The electronic board cruised up the hill at 25 KPH (15.5 MPH) without even struggling. I would love to find a steeper hill nearby where I can actually test it at close to 25%. But for now, I’m very happy with the results. Not many hills have a slope of more than 17%.


As I mentioned at the beginning of my review, the Yecoo GT3 all-terrain electric skateboard is awesome.

It’s a very comfortable commuter scooter with some serious features that will take you into all-terrain territory for off-road fun. I will recommend this electric skateboard to my friend.

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