Yecoo MT Electric Skateboard Review – The Best Mini Board

As for the mini electronic skateboard, you might have looked at Evolve Stoke and Boosted Mini before, and thought, gosh, that’s a lot of money for a Mini electric skateboard? That’s not the case! Let me tell you, I have an excellent electric skateboard – Yecoo MT electric skateboard – that is both mini and affordable.


It is a brand new product of Yecoo – MT mini electric skateboard. At just $499, which puts it in the middle of the budget mini electric skateboard field, but it’s not like a budget e-skateboard. It has high-quality parts and specifications that can outperform some of the better skateboards. To my surprise, the seller also gave me a black polyester backpack! It is so cool and gives me the most convenience – It means that I don’t have to carry it around with my hands when I can’t ride, but I carry it on my back, freeing my hands. Now I’m going to show you more details about the MT electronic skateboard and my ride. 

Yecoo MT Electric Skateboard – Features


The MT has a deck 33.5 inches long and 10.4 inches wide, made of 8 layers of maple. So it’s as hard as a brick, and the bending of the board is absolutely zero. But that’s a good thing. You don’t particularly want the shortboard to have too much flexibility. Especially if the battery housing runs directly below it.

The Yecoo MT electric skateboard has a Kicktail, like all mini electric skateboards. It’s a nice and comfortable angle, perfect for checking corners, falling off ledges, and a decent skater can definitely play on it.

Besides, it’s super light. It weighs just 17.6 pounds (8 kilograms). It’s very easy to carry and goes perfectly with any good skateboard backpack.


Turning the deck over, we see that it has separate housing for electronics.

It’s simple, thin and feels rock-solid. When I shake it, I can’t hear or feel anything moving there. It’s really nice for me.


The Yecoo MT has 90mm 82A wheels and they’re great! Well, so far so good, anyway. I’ve ridden about 30 miles (50km), it feels great to ride.

They’re really soft and absorb a lot of vibration. PU wheels and high elasticity do most of the work.



The MT runs dual 540W hub motors, which is already a big win over the short electric skateboard. The top speed I managed to reach was 23 MPH. That’s fast enough on an electric board this size. 

30% is said to be the tipping point for mountaineering ability, but I haven’t had a chance to test this conclusion, and I’ve had no problem climbing 20% so far. Probably anything steeper, it still has a chance to try.


The battery is in a 10S2P 36V configuration, so when I saw that the MT has a specified range of 15 miles, I didn’t know if I could trust it or not, but I’ll leave the actual results for later.


The remote controls fit perfectly in the hand. It has the right size OLED display, four speed-mode (LO, MI, HI, PRO), reverse and cruise control.

You can change modes while you are riding, which is also handy, especially if you’re riding in a lower mode to save energy but want to jump into a mode for a particularly steep hill.

Yecoo MT Electric Skateboard – Performance Testing

Range test

I weigh about 80kg and the board’s max load is 150kg, so I don’t have to worry about carving on it. I ride in high mode, the route is not bumpy and the distance is 12 miles, which is easily reached.

But you have to remember that everyone gets a different range depending on the environment, rider weight and riding style.

Because of my riding style and weight, the range I get will be on the upper middle of the scale. For other riders who are lighter and ride at a more conservative pace, you’ll get a lot more range than I did.

I wouldn’t recommend this Yecoo MT to anyone who weighs over 90kg and has a hard time riding or has a lot of hills to climb unless you really don’t need a lot of range and just want something that you can easily carry and take with you.


Speed test

In this speed test, although the official top speed was 25 MPH, I expected the actual speed to be around 20mph. After all, the official speed is “perfect” under the best conditions, and there will be many other practical factors in the actual riding.

When doing this test, I always try to find the flattest surface, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when I’m out riding. So It’s very likely that I’m going downhill or uphill, but if I don’t notice it, it’s only very slight to me. Throughout my entire ride, including riding at higher speeds, I had almost no fluctuation in speed. It turned out to be a good thing. It even exceeded my expectations. 23mph has no problem at all!

Hill climb test

Like all hub motor boards, I didn’t expect the Yecoo MT electric skateboard to be very good at climbing hills. I took it up a 20 percent hill and it didn’t have any trouble climbing, but it was only going about 18mph.

This is not unusual. You will be hard-pressed to find any hub motor plate that can damage hills. That’s just the nature of the motor. If you want to power a hillside, it’s best to use a belt drive.



If you want a mini electric skateboard that can carve and really get a concrete-surfing feel while also having the option of going on a longer cruise, then Yecoo MT electric skateboard is for you.
If you want crazy high speed and insane power, or you want to be able to go off-road on grass and dirt, then you might want to consider looking at something else.
Overall, all things considered, I think that Yecoo MT mini electric skateboard rides very well, especially considering the reasonable price.
This is a very interesting eboard to cruise around on and carve with.

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